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Nuts and Bolts: Stories from New Britain Manufacturing

A Connecticut Humanities Funded Project

Professor Collins' creative nonfiction classes interviewed former workers from New Britain's heyday as a manufacturing center for the world. The students then penned short profiles and vignettes about the workers and the objects on display in the New Britain Industrial Museum at 185 Main St. in New Britain.

They learned New Britain factories outfitted the American cowboy with spurs, buckles and more, and provided ball bearings for the first lunar lander among many other contributions. CCSU design student Stephanie Nobert took amazing photographs of the objects, the people and the people's hands and combined all of it in a terrific visual/​text display that is now free and open to the public.

Gallery 66
66 W. Main St.
New Britain, CT
Downtown Visitors Center
10-4:00 pm M-F
March 14 - September 2014

A collaboration of the New Britain Industrial Museum and Central Connecticut State University. Funded by the CT Humanities as part of the Connecticut at Work exhibit program, which includes the Greater Hartford Arts Council and the Hartford Public Library.

Other Authors You Should Read

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The Most of Nora Ephron

First Rate Madness by Nassir Ghaemi

Story Craft: The Complete Guide to Writing Narrative Nonfiction
Jack Hart
University of Chicago, 2011

Writer * Professor * Public Speaker

PETRIFIED FOREST National Park Service Artists-in-Residence Project

Mary Collins and Susan McElhinney created a prose/​photo profile project of people that work, volunteer and visit the Petrified Forest National Park and Painted Desert in Arizona. The Park will put the project, "Faces of the Petrified Forest," on permanent exhibit in the historic Painted Desert Inn this summer. The fuller version of the project with complete text will also be on the Park's website.

Susan chasing rainbows and tourists while on assignment at the Petrified Forest in AZ.! Explore the new mobile-friendly travel guide by Sal Lilienthal and Mary Collins

Winner Grand Prize Nonfiction, 2010 Indie Book Awards
American Idle looks at the social, cultural, physical and spiritual consequences of our sedentary culture. How can we integrate movement back into everyday life again in the U.S.?


Photobiography of the Wright brothers
National Geographic Books

Mary's essay, "Moving the Idle Masses," is one of six in WHAT I EAT: Around the World in 80 Diets, another great title in Menzel and D'Aluisio's award-winning Material World Series. Other essayists in this volume: Michael Pollan, Wendell Barry and Richard Wrangham.

**Twenty year career as a writer and editor in Washington, DC for a range of clients, including National Geographic, the Smithsonian and Discovery Channel

**Associate Professor of Creative Nonfiction, Central Connecticut State University (2007 to present); Winner Teaching Award 2010; Director of Center for Teaching and Faculty Development

**Part-time professor at Johns Hopkins University MA in Writing Program, Washington, DC (1995-2007); Winner Teaching Award 2003; Winner Professional Achievement Award 2002; taught two graduate classes a term, ran the monthly reading series and helped oversee as many as 80 nonfiction advisees

**Veteran Guest Speaker for a range of clients, including Commencement Speaker, Boston University School of Public Health, 2010; Plenary Speaker, Annual Convention, National Center for Biking and Walking, 2010; Keynote speaker for a range of City Planning Annual Conventions and Bike/​Walk advocacy groups across the country

**Workshop leader and Writing Advisor for a range of corporate clients, including town governments, insurance companies, law offices; panelist at several major writing conferences, including Cape Cod Writers Conference, Baltimore Writers Conference and the Stonecoast Program in Maine

**Award-winning book author and essayist: Winner Grand Prize for Nonfiction at the 2010 Indie Book Awards; Best Book of the Year, American Independent Writers Group, 2010; Best Essay of the Year, Amercian Independent Writers, 2009; Best Essay of the Year, American Society of Journalists and Authors, 2003; Top 10 best YA Biography of the Year on Booklist and NY Public Library, 2003 and others

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